Drawing on the rich practice and purview in various fields of law, the law office offers legal aid adjusted each time to the Clients' different and changing needs. However, we obviously do centre our professional interests around several chosen issues. It enables us to fulfil our Clients' ambitions in a more thorough and effective way.

We provide comprehensive corporate service, addressing our offer to subjects professionally active on the economic market, especially in the building, logistic and mining branch. Within the scope of that service, regardless of the permanent or temporary nature of cooperation, we take into consideration all aspects of a business activity; from its initial phase (creation and transformation of the partnership and capital company), current operating activities (creation and evaluation of contracts, conducting negotiations, litigations and administrative proceedings – especially those referring to construction projects, debt collection, also in insolvency proceedings, organisation of training courses for workers, legal consulting), down to the expiring of targeted projects (assistance in choosing the best means and in the winding up itself).

Legal service in construction projects and mining works would not be possible without placing emphasis on the legal issues connected with real estate transactions. In this respect, we offer help in auditing the real estate’s legal position, which is indispensable before coming to a decision about the finalisation of a transaction. In addition to that, we provide assistance in creating and enforcing contracts guaranteeing maximum safety for our Clients. In view of the substantive scope, we address our offer also to individual clients. Among our interests there are cases connected to property protection, abolition of joint ownership, acquisitive prescription, establishment of easement and assistance in recovery of assets taken over as a result of nationalization processes.

We have extensive experience in cases in the field of personal rights protection. It concerns, on the one hand, both natural persons and collective subjects, and on the other hand, it refers to statements undermining those goods, preached both in public (also involving mass media) and in private.

Legal aid in criminal cases is another issue we bring into focus. Apart from, one can say, classical defence in preliminary and judicial proceedings, including penal-fiscal proceedings, we help the subjects aggrieved by prohibited act – both in the scope of adequate legal reaction and of executing the redeeming function of this kind of proceedings.